Hand of person taking CDL Exam

How to Study for the CDL Exam

CDL Study Tips

Studying for your Commercial Driving License (CDL) exam is no small task. The manual alone is almost 200 pages long and questions on the exam can come from any part of it. Although a lot may be on the line for you to pass this test, it’s important to remain calm and relaxed while preparing for it. Here are some tips to help you do just that.

CDL Exam Studying Basics

Like any test you’ve taken in life, cramming the night before is not the optimal course of action. Plan ahead and begin studying for your CDL exam well in advance. Create your own study guides using the CDL manual or take a look at the study guides provided by the DMV. The DMV also has an online glossary of terms useful for making flashcards and quizzing yourself. Make sure to study in a distraction-free environment and take enough breaks to ensure you don’t get burnt out too quickly. Set up milestone checkpoints throughout your studying materials and give yourself a small reward for reaching them.

Take Practice CDL Exams

Find your weak spots by taking a practice exam as soon as you begin studying for the CDL exam. It will save you time to figure out where you need to focus your energy right away versus studying things you may already have down. Driving-tests.org offers a free general knowledge practice exam customized to your state. Take it when you begin studying as well as right before your test date to see how much you’ve improved.

Use the CDL Manual

Get your study materials straight from the source: the CDL manual. The exam’s questions will come right from there, so use it to create your own study guides and read through in your downtime.

When in Doubt, Trust your Instincts

Your first instinct is usually the best. If you’re stuck on a question either in a practice exam or on your test day, go with your gut and choose the answer that comes to you first. Second-guessing yourself has been shown to end up with more incorrect answers and lower overall test scores.

For more studying tips or to get started with your Class A CDL training, contact us at DriveCo CDL Learning Center and we’ll have you driving toward your future in no time.