Indianapolis, Indiana – DriveCo CDL Learning Center would like to announce its newest location in Indianapolis, Indiana. Due to a partnership agreement with Knight and Swift Transportation, DriveCo’s new school is located in the Knight Transportation facility on the southwest side of the city at 3875 Plainfield Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46231.

The new Indianapolis Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) training campus will have a four week Class A CDL Program that will consist of 160 hours. CDL training at DriveCo’s Indianapolis location will feature some amazing benefits to students including small class sizes, tuition assistance, and veterans benefits and job placement help from DriveCo employees.

Much like all other DriveCo campuses, Indianapolis students will gain the top-notch education and truck drivers training needed to start a truck driving career. With both hands-on experience and in-class technical training, DriveCo CDL Learning Center provides a comprehensive CDL training course to Indianapolis residents.

All staff and instructors at DriveCo CDL Learning Center are excited about the partnership with Knight and Swift Transportation, this new school opening in Indianapolis, and the potential to help new students begin their truck driving careers.

Are you interested in our Indianapolis CDL training?

For more information about DriveCo’s Indianapolis CDL training campus and the training programs provided, call us at (317) 390-1340 or fill out a contact form and we’ll be in touch!

Historically, males have dominated the trucking industry, but more women are driving trucks now than ever before. However, this change is slow. Out of more than 3.5 million truck drivers in the US, only 6% are women. In an effort to be more inclusive, employers are recruiting more female truck drivers. For example, Roadmaster Group, an Arizona-based company, truck drivers are 37% female.

But Are Women as Good as Men Behind the Wheel?

Yes! Statistics have even shown that women may even be better truck drivers:

Why Should Women Become Truck Drivers?

Women in trucking earn equal pay to their male counterparts. With their proven better safety records, more women truckers are being recruited daily by companies who are invested in being represented better on the roads.

With the current shortage of drivers in the trucking industry, trucking companies are seeking more women drivers. Several support groups like Women in Trucking Association, and REAL Women in Trucking have been created to help women find the best trucking jobs, find driving teams, and help navigate any problems they may face in the industry.

The road for female truckers gets a little bit smoother every day. Truck-stop facilities have been improved to guarantee safety and comfort; harassment reports are acted upon quickly; plans are in place to eliminate any physical limitations in truck cabs, and women everywhere are being informed about their untapped potential. So, there is no unbeatable problem stopping women from getting behind the wheel of a big rig. If you are a good driver, enjoy traveling, love trucks, and want to earn a rewarding income, all you need is a dose of confidence and determination to get your dream job.

Ready to break those barriers and learn more about what you need to do to become a competent and certified truck driver? Join us at DriveCo for comprehensive CDL Training. Let us help you achieve your dream. Give us a call today!