Helpful Information About Truck Driving Careers

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  • photo of 2 driveco trucks with text over image that reads "2021 trucking industry outlook"

    What You Can Expect in the Coming Year

    The 2021 year is being forecasted as a transitional year for the trucking industry. The economy and truck driver demand are expected to bounce back throughout 2021 from the negative impacts the pandemic and have an upward trend going into the 2022 year. Anyone looking to become a professional truck driver should strongly consider starting … Continue reading “2021 Trucking Industry Outlook”

  • Sponsored CDL Training with Trucks in a Row

    Pay for Your CDL by Working with a Carrier

    Are you interested in getting your CDL? If so, you’re probably trying to figure out how to pay for truck driving school. You may want to consider sponsored CDL training. With it, you don’t have to pay for CDL school and you have a job waiting for you when you earn your CDL. What is … Continue reading “Get Your CDL with Sponsored CDL Training”

  • A Young, Millennial Man Smiling

    Why Millennials Should Consider A Trucking Career

    Updated May 2021 As baby boomers steadily retire and technology continues to advance, millennials are quickly becoming the prominent backbone of the workforce in America. But with rising student loan debt, unemployment concerns, and high turnover rates, the stakes to find stable, well-paying work are high. It’s no wonder why many people between the ages … Continue reading “Truck Driving: A Growing Career Opportunity for Millennials”

  • What is OTR Experience text on a highway background

    What You Need to Know About Over-The-Road Trucking

    If you’re considering becoming a truck driver, one of the first things you might be asked is for you to start gaining OTR (Over-the-Road) Experience.  What is OTR?  It’s the most readily available position in the industry and comes with a lot of perks, but what does a day in the life of an OTR … Continue reading “What Is OTR Experience?”

  • Image collage of truck drivers and trucks. Verbiage that says "CDL Career Paths" and DriveCO CDL Learning Center logo

    What Can I Do With My CDL?

    Obtaining your CDL can open many different career doors for you. Each comes with different hours, amount of driving time, the magnitude of physical labor, and differing amounts of training. With all the different job options out there, how do you know which is right for you? Here are some examples of career paths you … Continue reading “CDL Career Paths”

  • two trucks on highway driving near each other

    What Happens When America Goes 3 Days Without Truck Drivers

    Imagine if all of the approximately 2.5 million hard-working men and women in the truck driving industry throughout America decided to quit or even strike for as little as 3 days. Just 3 days! That’s only part of a workweek. Would the average every-day American see it impact their lives in any way? You bet … Continue reading “Why Truck Driving is So Important”