Image of Truck Driving at Night

7 Tips for driving at night

Staying safe while driving at night

Driving at night is very different from driving during the day. We have compiled this list of 7 tips to help you if you have a job that requires you to drive at night.

1. Maintain a lower temperature

When you set your cabin temperature below 80 degrees, you have a better chance of staying awake. This is due to the body being unable to get entirely comfortable, thus staying awake.

2. Dim inside lights

When your dashboard lights are too bright, you can become disoriented when looking back and forth. This can cost you valuable seconds of reaction time as your eyes need time to adjust. The best way to combat this is in most modern trucks; there is the option to dim the dashboard lights. Doing this will help reduce the time your eyes need to adjust.

3. Make more frequent stops

By making more stops, you break up the monotony of your drive. When you stop, get out of the cab to stretch and walk around. This will help you get your blood moving and keep you awake. This also enables you to get in some exercise to keep you healthy.

4. Drive more defensively

It is best to take on a more defensive driving style when driving at night. This will help you avoid any major incidents at any time of day but also help you remain safe on the road. This can be staying more alert and cautious while also reducing your speed. If you have any doubt about action while driving at night, it is most likely not the best choice.

5. Don’t be afraid to Nap

Before making your nighttime drive, if you have the chance, try to take a nap before setting off. Try to keep the Nap to at most 30 minutes. This will let your body sleep and have you driving for longer without feeling tired.

6. Don’t eat heavy

When you eat before hitting the road or during your trip, it is best practice to keep your meals light. If you were to eat something heavy, this would cause your body to waste energy which can make you tired quicker. The best practice is to break up the night by eating small healthy meals or snacks. This can help break up the night; if you pair it with your breaks, you can keep yourself awake.

7. Mix it up in the cabin

Keep your drive interesting so that you don’t fall into a lull. This can be by changing the radio to music you like and singing along, turning the radio off, and letting your brain take a break. Another way to mix it up is to roll down your windows to allow a blast of cold air to help wake you up.

By following these tips, you can make your drives at night better and safer. Nothing is more dangerous than driving while falling asleep so if these tips aren’t working for you, make sure you pull over. It is better to be safe than sorry.


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