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Top Trucking Trends in 2023

Learn about the top 4 trends in 2023

Here at DriveCo, we want everyone to be fully informed about the trends affecting the trucking industry in 2023. Today, we are covering the four main trends you can expect in 2023.

Different Production Centers

During the past few years, there has been a shift in where production centers are located. Illinois and Ohio are some of the states that are seeing the most growth. The two jobs moving to our neighboring states will be dry vans and refrigerated trucks. This is excellent news for everyone at DriveCo, as it will increase the number of jobs for our graduates.

Increased Technology

2023 will be another year in which technology in trucking continues to grow and improve. New trucks are becoming the gold standard for fleets across the US due to the increased safety features and data reports built in.

One of the key technologies being developed and used helps drivers reduce the fuel their trucks consume. Telematics is being used as these help drivers shorten their routes while reducing the time the engine is idling. Telematics also collects data on driver habits that can help fleet managers and drivers eliminate bad habits.

More Job Options

Over the past three years, the trucking industry has seen an average increase of 4% in employment. This number shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon as the trucking workforce ages and demand increases.

Another reason why more jobs will be available in 2023 is that the trucking industry is expanding the types of jobs available to new drivers. There has been a shift from every driver having to spend the first few years driving over the road to more regional and local jobs being available.

Continued Rise of E-Commerce

The final significant trend affecting trucking throughout 2023 is the continued rise of the E-commerce industry. The rise of E-commerce has significantly helped the trucking industry as it has created more shipping and job opportunities. We fully expect E-commerce to continue its growth which will continue to support the trucking industry.

Here at DriveCo, we help prepare you for any possible career in trucking. Our job placement team will help you find the perfect career. Contact us today to get your career started.