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2019 Trucking Industry Outlook

What Trucking Looks like in the New Year

The economy overall is experiencing a strong boom and the trucking industry is no different. The outlook is excellent for anyone looking to become a truck driver. It’s a great job opportunity and there are many reasons to consider becoming a trucker in 2019.

Booming Economy

E-commerce is at an all-time high. Online shopping and commerce are only going to get stronger in the future. The trucking industry is greatly benefitting from low unemployment, housing booms, and online e-commerce. Drivers are desperately needed as the industry is currently short about 50,000 drivers. Online and big box stores are building new distribution centers to shorten delivery times. Meaning more drivers will be needed to deliver the supplies!

A Career With A Positive Outlook

Many truckers start out the first year making a minimum of $40,000 annually with the potential for even higher earnings. Typically pay is increased for carrying hazardous materials or oversized loads once you have some experience under your belt. The best thing about trucking is that you can choose your career path. What you haul and the type of truck you drive is ultimately up to you!

Proper training can lead to a very promising trucking career. You might even end up becoming an instructor yourself or owning your own trucking business later in your career. Freedom on the road is another great benefit of being a trucker. Listen to your favorite music, take your break when you need to and wear your favorite shirt whenever you want. It’s totally up to you!

Fast CDL Training

If you like variety, seeing new places and meeting new people this is definitely a job to consider. Being on the road will take you to lots of new places and the scenery is ever changing. DriveCo CDL Learning Center provides you with all the training you need to prepare for a rewarding career driving an 18 wheeler. It doesn’t take years of training and school to start your new career in trucking. We can get you trained and ready for your new career in as little as 4 weeks!

There is no time like the present to prepare for the future. Get started today getting your Class A CDL training at DriveCo CDL Learning Center. Your future is bright and we want to help you achieve your goals. Call us today!