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Different Truck Classifications for a Class A CDL

Find out how getting endorsements can help you excel in trucking!

Did you know that getting your Class A CDL will allow you to operate more than just a standard semi? The exciting thing about trucking is that you will be able to drive vehicles of different sizes and weights, which each serve their own purpose. Explore the different vehicles you can operate with your Class A CDL!

Class A CDL Vehicles

Getting your Class A CDL will allow you to operate vehicles that weigh at least 26,001 pounds or higher, along with a towed vehicle weighing more than 10,000 pounds. Getting endorsements will expand the type of vehicles you’re able to operate with your CDL!

Adding endorsements to your Class A CDL can allow you to drive Tractor Trailers, Truck and Trailer Combinations, Double and Triple Trailers, Tractor-Trailer Buses, Tanker Vehicles, Livestock Carriers, or Flatbeds. You may also be able to operate in certain Class B or C vehicles, depending on which state you reside in and the laws and regulations of your state.

Special CDL Endorsements

In addition to your Class A license, there are a variety of endorsements required for certain jobs. The following are some of the endorsements necessary and what each endorsement will allow the driver to do:

  • H Endorsement is required if you will be driving vehicles containing hazardous materials.
  • N Endorsement will allow you to drive vehicles with tanks on them.
  • P Endorsement can permit you to drive vehicles that carry a specific number of passengers. The actual number of passengers allowed will vary by state.
  • S Endorsement is required to drive school buses. In order to get the S Endorsement, you must also pass a road skills test, submit entirely separate application forms, pass a complete background check, and have an acceptable driving record.
  • T Endorsement will allow you to drive a double or triple trailer.
  • X Endorsement can permit you to drive vehicles that transport HAZMAT materials and tanker vehicles.

These endorsements are required, in addition to your CDL, in order to drive specific vehicles. The requirements may vary depending on the state you live in. Each endorsement will also have its own separate written knowledge test you must pass in order to receive it.

In the end, the type of CDL endorsements you get will have a significant influence on which types of driving jobs you can choose from. Knowing the type of driving job you want, can be helpful while finishing your CDL training at DriveCo.

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