Driving the open road can be a lonely place at times. It is nice to have a listening ear, to see a smiling face, to have a companion there beside you. Who better than man’s best friend? Whether a dog, cat (or otherwise!), consider these points before bringing your pet along on a long drive.

Does the company allow pets? 

There are many major companies that allow pets to travel in-cab on long hauls, and of course, ones that do not. It is best to check with the company you are driving to ensure a pet is allowed to travel with you. If you are able, be sure to know the rules and pet deposit amounts required. A recently updated list of pet-friendly companies is available at truckingtruth.com.

How will your pet act? 

Some thoughts to consider when bringing a pet into a small space for prolonged periods of time: the size of the animal, amount of obedience, and bathroom/exercise needs. Most companies who accept pets use a size limit and/or a breed exclusion list. Keeping this in mind, if your dog or cat is accepted as a traveling companion, look at its ability to obey boundaries. The animal needs to understand that the driver’s area is not a place to hang out.

What will your pet require of you and your shared space? 

Remember, a pet needs a water source and food, which are two more things that take up space. Another consideration is the animal’s exercise and bathroom needs. For example, older dogs can have weak bladders. Unless you have a litter-trained dog, you will need to stop for a potty break whenever he/she needs it so as to prevent accidents. It is recommended to stop and walk a dog every 2-3 hours. Of course, cats are a different story, but ensuring a clean litter box that is readily available is a must, and a scratching board is a wise investment. Always remember to bring restraints and perhaps a crate for stops.


Varying from state to state, most companies require paperwork that serves as a “pet passport”. Your pet will need to visit a USDA- accredited veterinarian to receive a health certificate before hitting the road. Be prepared with copies of the paperwork to provide to entities such as the state.

If you’re interested in joining the trucking world, but still don’t have your CDL, contact us today to learn about your training options. We’re ready to help you, and your pet, get on the road to a successful career. Happy trails and happy tails!

Acquiring your CDL is a major step for anyone wishing to receive a promotion or start a new career driving tractor-trailers. While studying for the exam may seem daunting, there are a few things you can do in order to avoid any surprises and to help you be prepared for the big day.

Practice, practice, practice:

While this tip may seem like a no-brainer, repetition plays a key role in learning something new. Just like an athlete needs to practice to win a game or a musician needs to practice their instrument to sound good on stage, you need to practice driving as well as the written exam. With the help of DriveCo CDL Learning Center, your instructors will work with you one-on-one to help you prepare for your exam. You will also have several opportunities to practice your driving both in the yard and out on the road.


This tip goes hand-in-hand with practicing. While you practice, you also need to be focused. If you have too much stress going on in your life, you won’t be able to focus on the task at hand and you may fail the test. If you are on the road, you need to stay focused on the road to avoid accidents. Meditation is a great way to clear your mind and help you get ready for the test. Here is a quick guide on how to meditate in 5 minutes.

Ask Questions:

If you are struggling in a certain area or have any questions, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask someone. Approach your instructors and fellow classmates for advice. Your instructors at DriveCo will always be willing to help and work with you in any way. Instructors will stay with you after class or by coming in early for an extra one-on-one. We will make sure you pass your exam with flying colors.


With the high-quality training you received at the DriveCo CDL Learning Center and the tips provided above, you are sure to pass your CDL exam and be on your way to a rewarding career. If you’re ready to begin your CDL Training, contact us today to get started. Let’s get you training and on the road to a successful and rewarding career.

Sometimes it may seem challenging to decide what to get Dad on Father’s Day when he’s a truck driver. Ties certainly won’t work. Surprisingly, there are many gifts to choose from without breaking the budget and have a lot of fun besides.

Gift Suggestions for a Truck Driver 

  • Purchase some comfortable clothes for Dad’s truck driving job. Children can get in on the act too by selecting some caps which are priced for about $7.50 at Walmart for him to wear.
  • Let Dad know about the Trucker Path Pro app. This app will ease his work in many ways and provide much-needed knowledge, such as DOT inspections, weigh station status, fuel prices, and vacancies at stops. It also handily provides info on the local restaurants, hotels, dealerships, repair shops, etc.
  • Does your father/husband enjoy reading? Pick up some books by his favorite authors or subscribe to some magazines to help him relax after a tiring day.
  • Take Dad to purchase an inverter. (Up to 25.99, Home Depot). He will know what the company allows. The lower power converters can provide the energy source for a DVD player, ($34 to $50, Walmart), or a small microwave ($49 to $59 at Walmart). Some companies place limitations, so it’s best to have Dad with you when you make the purchase.
  • An electric blanket, (from $39 to $74, Walmart), is one of the luxuries that can remind a trucker of the comforts of home. Consider picking one up. Some may even be on sale for this time of year.
  • Gift him with a multi-tool or tools needed on the road. A multi-tool ($9.99 to $17, Walmart) consists of several size blades, screwdrivers, and scissors that neatly fit into a pocket. For larger jobs, consider purchasing him a tool you’ve heard him wishing for.
  • Are his maps becoming weathered and worn? Replace them with fresh maps for the times when the GPS service cuts out in a dead service area.
  • Finally, don’t forget the personal touches. Contrive ways for him to speak to you at home, hear your voices on recordings, and read letters. Skype is another great way to stay in touch. Provide ways for him to reciprocate, and he’ll feel closer to home than ever.

One Last Item

If your dad is not yet a truck driver, acquire an application from DriveCo CDL Learning Center as a gift. The best vote of confidence in his dream is to help him with that first step. May all of our truckers have a Happy Father’s Day from your friends at DriveCo!