image of dad and son laying in yard with red box that reads "father's day gift ideas for your truck driving dad"

Awesome Gifts for Your Truck Driving Dad

What to Get Your Dad this Father's Day

Sometimes it may seem challenging to decide what to get Dad on Father’s Day when he’s a truck driver. Ties certainly won’t work. Surprisingly, there are many gifts to choose from without breaking the budget and have a lot of fun besides.

Gift Suggestions for a Truck Driver 

  • Purchase some comfortable clothes for Dad’s truck driving job. Children can get in on the act too by selecting some caps which are priced for about $7.50 at Walmart for him to wear.
  • Let Dad know about the Trucker Path Pro app. This app will ease his work in many ways and provide much-needed knowledge, such as DOT inspections, weigh station status, fuel prices, and vacancies at stops. It also handily provides info on the local restaurants, hotels, dealerships, repair shops, etc.
  • Does your father/husband enjoy reading? Pick up some books by his favorite authors or subscribe to some magazines to help him relax after a tiring day.
  • Take Dad to purchase an inverter. (Up to 25.99, Home Depot). He will know what the company allows. The lower power converters can provide the energy source for a DVD player, ($34 to $50, Walmart), or a small microwave ($49 to $59 at Walmart). Some companies place limitations, so it’s best to have Dad with you when you make the purchase.
  • An electric blanket, (from $39 to $74, Walmart), is one of the luxuries that can remind a trucker of the comforts of home. Consider picking one up. Some may even be on sale for this time of year.
  • Gift him with a multi-tool or tools needed on the road. A multi-tool ($9.99 to $17, Walmart) consists of several size blades, screwdrivers, and scissors that neatly fit into a pocket. For larger jobs, consider purchasing him a tool you’ve heard him wishing for.
  • Are his maps becoming weathered and worn? Replace them with fresh maps for the times when the GPS service cuts out in a dead service area.
  • Finally, don’t forget the personal touches. Contrive ways for him to speak to you at home, hear your voices on recordings, and read letters. Skype is another great way to stay in touch. Provide ways for him to reciprocate, and he’ll feel closer to home than ever.

One Last Item

If your dad is not yet a truck driver, acquire an application from DriveCo CDL Learning Center as a gift. The best vote of confidence in his dream is to help him with that first step. May all of our truckers have a Happy Father’s Day from your friends at DriveCo!