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Job Placement Services Offered at DriveCo

DriveCo Graduates Get Help Finding CDL Jobs!

Completing your CDL training is only the first step in starting your new career in trucking. Once you finish your training, you’re ready to start searching for trucking jobs! The good news is that there is a high demand for truck drivers. In fact, there are currently about 60,000 job openings in the trucking industry. Discover how DriveCo CDL Learning Center can help you get hired in trucking!

Job Placement Assistance at DriveCo

Offering top-notch CDL training is not our only goal at DriveCo CDL Learning Center. We’re also here to help you get hired after graduation! DriveCo has over 25 years of experience helping individuals start their new careers in trucking. With the job placement services at DriveCo, graduates can get help filling out applications, updating their resume, building their network, and much more! Whether you’re a DriveCo graduate or a current student, our team is here to help you find a CDL job you’ll love.

Hiring Events With Trucking Recruiters

DriveCo maintains relationships with over 20 top trucking companies in the United States. We are regularly hosting hiring events with recruiters from these companies! Recruiters are visiting the DriveCo campuses weekly looking to hire new truck drivers and to share what their company has to offer. This gives students opportunities to directly network with trucking companies and find what works best for them.

These events are also open to the public in addition to DriveCo students and graduates. There are various CDL job openings out there and a lot of trucking companies who are interested in hiring DriveCo graduates specifically. We invite you to join us for these recruiter events and get your questions answered!

Lifelong Career Opportunities in Trucking

The trucking industry has a lot to offer. Trucking companies are offering competitive pay and benefits to meet the high demand for drivers. This will vary between trucking companies, but a career in trucking typically comes along with the following benefits:

  • your hourly wage will run about $20 – 25
  • the average income for a truck driver starting out is about $45,000 annual salary
  • drivers can apply for both regional and local jobs once they have a few years of experience as an OTR driver
  • you get a 401(k) with additional company matches available
  • complete healthcare benefits
  • opportunities to advance into management or operator positions

These are just a few of the benefits that come along with working in the trucking industry. You can make a livable wage and have a career full of options to advance by finishing your CDL training. DriveCo CDL Learning Center has the training you need to exceed as a professional truck driver!