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What To Expect At Your Trucking Orientation

Preparing for Your Trucking Orientation

You’ve finished your CDL training and have accepted a job offer at a trucking company after considering your options. Now it is time to start preparing for the onboarding process at your new job! Being prepared can make all the difference in your experience. Here are a few things you can expect to happen at your trucking orientation!

Questions to Ask Before Your CDL Orientation

There are certain questions you’ll want to ask before your orientation begins so you can come prepared.

Will I Get A Truck Immediately?

Find out if you will be getting into a truck as soon as orientation is over. If so, you’ll need to pack supplies so you’re ready to hit the road. If not, you’ll need to find out what comes after orientation.

Do You Offer Lodging?

You will also want to ask if the company provides food or lodging during orientation. If not, are you expected to pay for your stay?

What Should I Bring?

Lastly, you’ll need to figure out what documentation they want you to bring. If you don’t come with the right documents, you may come off as unorganized and give a bad first impression.

Things to Expect at Your Trucking Orientation

It’s important to remember that new driver orientation will vary between trucking companies. However, there are some things you can expect to see no matter where you’ve been hired.

Orientation Day One

On the first day, you should receive an overview of the company you are coming to work for. They will probably run through the company history, the industry, and how things are done at this specific company. Usually, trucking orientation occurs in groups, and there will be a PowerPoint presentation and an information packet to get started.

The orientation leader will talk to you about what the company expects while you’re out on your route, their safety procedures, and communication tactics. They will go through various safety requirements, best practices, and industry news or updates. You may receive a walkthrough of the building, their driver lounge, shop, and equipment.

Many jobs require you to pass a physical exam and drug test during the orientation process. You also will need to fill out information for insurance and payroll purposes. This is why it’s critical to have the correct documentation when you arrive.

Orientation Day Two

After the presentations, possibly on a second day, you will have a driving test. This is a very important part of the trucking orientation. You’ll most likely do a check ride with someone grading your abilities. Once you have passed all of your physical and skills tests, you are ready to meet your dispatcher and start planning your first route!

Have More Questions?

If you have more questions about this process or what to expect please feel free to contact us for guidance. Congratulations on starting your new career in trucking! If you ever feel a bit lost and are wanting to refresh your skills, DriveCo can help you out with our CDL Refresher course.