graphic of two pictures of trucks driving on the right side, the left side a black box with text that reads "truck driving Daytime VS Nighttime"

Day vs. Night Truck Driving

Pros and Cons for When it is Best to Drive

Many long-distance truck drivers are faced with the decision of whether they will do their driving by daylight or in the nighttime. While many different drivers will develop a preference for when they wish to do their driving, some drivers may operate better by daylight while others wish to drive at night. Some companies will require drivers to drive by daylight and others by night; yet, many will allow their drivers to choose which time of day works best for them.

There are things to consider when determining if you want to drive in the daylight versus at night. If you have the choice of when to drive, be sure to consider the pros and cons of various times to drive before making a final decision.

Driving In the Daylight:


  • Parking will not be hard to come by during daylight hours if you need a rest at a truck stop during your travels.
  • Daylight follows your body’s natural rhythm, making it easier for many people to stay awake during the daytime as the light stimulates you and keeps you more alert and awake.
  • The scenery can be enjoyable and it can be nice to enjoy the nature surrounding you.
  • Obstacles and things that lie on the roadway will be easier to see during the daylight hours than at night time when views can be obstructed by darkness.


  • Many drivers will not like the extra traffic jams that can come with the daylight hours, especially during rush hours passing through populated areas.
  • Construction sites often may be most active during the day, making traveling distances through construction zones take longer than they might at night.
  • Distracted driving is much more prevalent as you can see and enjoy the landscape around you and all the sights there are to see. However, drivers must be careful to pay attention to the road and not just the surroundings around them, no matter how pretty they happen to be.

Driving At Night:


  • Less traffic on the roads can help you log better mileage in less time.
  • There is less likely to be traffic and construction at night, so delays are not likely to be a huge issue.
  • There are fewer distractions and fewer things to see as the dark conceals most of it, making the road the only thing to focus on.
  • Many people find night driving more relaxing, but if it’s too relaxing you may lose your level of alertness needed to drive safely.


  • Many people find night driving disrupts their sleep pattern and makes it hard to stay awake all night.
  • It’s much more likely that police will spot anyone driving recklessly or speeding as there is usually less traffic on the roads at night.
  • It may be easier to get lost on the roads as the dark will conceal signs and other landmarks that may clue in as to where you are at.

No One Clear Answer:

For companies that give their drivers the option of when they want to drive, it is up to the driver as to when they feel most comfortable. Consider the time of day when you function the best and determine what will work best for your driving schedule. At DriveCo CDL Learning Center, we won’t just teach you how to drive a truck, we will also teach you how to become a great driver and employee. Are you interested in earning your CDL? Contact us today to learn about your opportunities!