Image of ELD on the dashboard of semi driving on the road

What is the ELD Mandate?

How will the ELD Affect Truck Drivers?

ELD or Electronic Logging Device is a system that is installed in the truck to log a driver’s hours of service and other information. The intent is to automate the traditional handwritten processes so there will no longer be a need for logbooks. Using this type of system also makes it easy for information to be shared with interested agencies.

When Will ELD Use Become a Requirement?

Most drivers should have already begun to use ELDs where available. However, all drivers will be required to use them by December 16, 2019.

Is There Training Required to Learn How to Use an ELD?

Yes. Truckers should receive training to learn how to operate an ELD. Some of the functions that they will be required to know are:

  • How to log-in
  • How to record duty and status changes
  • Add notes to indicate any poor driving conditions, accidents, or other incidents
  • How to produce, read and interpret the data that the ELD displays
  • Diagnosing any problems with the machine

Will Everyone Need to Use an ELD?

No, not everyone. ELDs will be not be required for use in trucks built before 2000, any driver who logs less than 8 days in a 30 day period, or driveaway-towaway drivers such as someone towing an RV or motorhome. If you are exempt from using an ELD, you must carry proper documentation with you.

How Will This Benefit the Drivers?

By providing an electronic log of your time on the road, drivers will be protected from driving while fatigued. It also eliminates scheduling issues for drivers and carriers. The ELD also collects data in a clear and consistent way across trucking companies to help identify the best routes by recording location status thus making the trucking industry more efficient.


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