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America’s Fix to the Trucking Shortage

What is Driving the Truck Driver Shortage?

In America, the average truck driver is a 55-year-old male—meaning a large percentage of the industry will be soon hitting retirement age. Coupled with America’s shortage of truck drivers, which is currently estimated to need 51,000 drivers, there is a crisis in the trucking industry. As demand for delivered goods reaches an all-time high, this current and future void in the workforce is immediate and imminent.

To help meet rising demands, companies are finding new ways to attract young workers into the industry. The most efficient way of growing this industry is to harness the millennials hitting the workforce.

Here are a few ways companies are looking to do this:

Eligibility Restrictions

Most companies require you to be 21 or older in order to drive. Because of the age requirements for CDL licenses, there is currently a gap between high school graduation and driving eligibility.

Congress has recently introduced the DRIVE-Safe Act. If passed, this will help qualify more drivers quickly and efficiently by implementing an apprentice program for those under the age of 21. This will create job opportunities for 18- to 21- year olds without the fear of college debt.

Pay Increases

The median pay for a truck driver is currently $42,480. This can be very lucrative for young workers. As the demand continues to rise, salaries will too. Companies are implementing new sign-on bonuses for drivers, which can reach as high as $10,000. According to the National Transportation Institute, drivers with private fleets earn as much as 36% more than their for-hire counterparts. The NTI predicts that per-mile pay will increase dramatically in the coming years.

Less Time on the Road

Unfortunately, the truck-driving lifestyle is often a turn-off for young workers and can be a safety hazard. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has implemented a new mandate that will cut down on hours a worker can drive. This will lead to more productivity and less fatigue. 


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