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Dealing with Homesickness as a Trucker

5 Ideas to Feeling Connected to Home

As a trucker, you will no doubt feel homesick every now and again. It’s difficult being away from friends and family for days or weeks at a time. To help overcome those feelings of loneliness, try some of these ideas to make your days (and nights) a little easier.

Set Up Video Chat

Before you head out on the road, set up a video chat app on your phone like FaceTime for iPhones or Skype. It will give you an opportunity to stay connected in a more personal way when you reach your destination.

Live Stream or Record Special Occasions

Ask your partner, friends or kids to live stream or record important events. You can play them back when you have reached your destination.

Take Pictures While on the Road

Is there is a special stuffed animal or gift that a loved one has given you to take on the road? Make sure to take pictures of all the places you have been with this item. This lets your loved one know that you are always thinking of them while you are away.

Bring Special Foods From Home

If there are certain foods that help remind you of home? Bring them along! For shorter trips, bringing items that can be kept refrigerated should be fine but for longer trips, think cookies, cakes and other baked goods.

Keep Recent Photos or Memorabilia in Your Cab

Having pictures of your family member or friend nearby is a great way to help keep away the homesickness. Another idea is to have something special of theirs with you. It will also help remind you to call when you reach your destination.


One of the more difficult things while on the road is being away from loved ones. These are just a few suggestions on how to make the days a little easier. However, you shouldn’t let the fear of being away from home stop you from entering a great industry. Truckers are paid now than ever before with plenty of options for you to be home with your family! For more information on how to become a truck driver, contact us.