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How Long is CDL School?

Learn about DriveCo's Part-Time and Full-Time CDL Training Options

If you are looking for a steady career that’s in high demand then truck driving is a great place to look and DriveCo is a great CDL school to attend.

At DriveCo, we have a comprehensive CDL training within the classroom and out on the road with hands-on training in as little as four weeks.

Class A CDL Full-Time Course Total: 4 Weeks

Our CDL training courses are offered every two weeks during the weekday at our Gary campus. With the Class A CDL, you’ll be able to drive the big rigs, locally, regionally and over-the-road. You’ll be in the classroom diving into a curriculum that discusses truck parts and terminology, safe driving techniques, DOT rules and regulations, and also prepares you to take the CDL exam.

In addition to class work, you’ll get behind-the-wheel as you learn how to do a pre-trip inspection, back up a trailer, shift/double clutch, and more. If you look at the 160 hours in a matter of 40 hours per week, you can be ready for a new career in the trucking industry in as little as 4 weeks.

Class A CDL Part-Time Course Total: 10 Weeks

At DriveCo we understand that some people have full-time jobs while trying to earn their CDL. Due to this, we offer a part-time CDL training course on weekend and weeknights to fit around anyone’s busy schedule. With our weekend course, you can work your 9-5 job during the week while opening up additional career opportunities through earning your CDL. The course will take a bit longer than our weekday course at 10-weeks and a total of 160 hours.

DriveCo Gets You a Trucking Driving Job

We know that building a strong foundation for a driving career is why you have come to DriveCo. We pride ourselves in our course curriculum, hands-on training, and quality instructors. Our team is committed to helping you get the training you need to feel confident when you start your trucking career with a carrier.

If you are looking to start a new career path or add to the skills you have an earn a CDL, get in touch with us at (219) 336-8722.  We’re happy to help you get started and get out on the road!