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How much do truck drivers make?

What You Can Expect to Earn as a Truck Driver

As you consider starting a new career in trucking, income is an important factor you’ll need to think about. Exactly how much money can I expect to earn in my first year as a driver? How much will that increase throughout my career as I gain experience? What benefits can I expect to receive in the trucking industry? Find answers to all of your questions so you’re prepared for your new career! Understanding your options will give you realistic expectations going into the field.

How Much Does the Average Driver Make?

It is a very common practice in the trucking industry for new truck drivers to spend their first year as over-the-road (OTR) drivers. This helps them gain valuable experience in the field, opening doors to new job opportunities. A new OTR driver can expect to earn about $40,000-45,000 per year starting out. The average pay per hour for a new truck driver breaks down to be about $20-25 per hour.

The nice thing about trucking is that pay will steadily increase as you gain more driving experience. Drivers can quickly reach $65,000+ annual pay after they’ve spent some time behind the wheel. There are also opportunities within the industry to earn more even more in executive positions. You may be able to make more than $100,000+ in select positions as a fleet manager or another company leader.

How Often Do I Get to Go Home?

Since it is common for first-year truck drivers to work in OTR positions, new drivers should expect to spend a lot of time away from home when they’re just starting out. In an OTR job, you’re going to be out on the road for about 4-5 weeks at a time, coming home for about a week in between routes to recuperate. While OTR drivers are away from home a lot, many companies will do their best to work with you if you request to be home for specific dates ahead of time.

Home time will vary depending on where you work and your level of experience. As a more experienced driver, your job options will be wide open. You may find a company that rarely requires you to spend time away from home. Whether it be short 2-3 day trips with home time in between or a local driving job that allows you to be home nightly, there are plenty of options available.

What Benefits Do Truck Drivers Get?

In addition to a high earning potential, becoming a truck driver also comes along with a host of other benefits. Truck drivers get some of the best benefits packages when compared to other professions today. In an industry where many companies have cut or even eliminated most benefits to save money, most carriers still offer good benefits to encourage people to get into the trucking industry.

A few of these benefits include:

  • Financial bonus incentives for meeting performance milestones
  • Sign on Bonuses
  • Reimbursement for CDL training
  • 401(k) investments with carrier match
  • Complete Healthcare Coverage (including Dental, Medical, and Vision coverage)
  • Paid vacation time

A great starting salary and a valuable benefits package allows you to make a good living in a job with high demand. There are currently about ~60,000 job openings throughout the US and the industry is predicted to grow rapidly in the coming years as even more jobs open up. Demand has never been higher⏤the time to join trucking is now!


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