image of truck driver next to rig staring off into distance

What do experienced drivers like about the job?

The Best Parts of Being a Trucker

You know you are joining the right job when the people who have been doing it a long time still seem to really enjoy their work. The same is true in the trucking industry. You’ll hear road warriors telling stories of the places they’ve been and the things they’ve accomplished with a sense of great pride. They have done and seen incredible things through their careers in trucking. Here are 5 things you can look forward to in your new career on the road!


There are very few careers with the opportunity to see every state in the continental United States. But most experienced over-the-road drivers have the chance to be everywhere from Tampa, Seattle, Boston, and LA. They’ve seen the sun dropping behind the Rocky Mountains, the Appalachians, and the deserts, and watched it rise over rivers, fields, and forests.

Training Opportunities

Respect comes with experience in the trucking industry. Experienced drivers are given the opportunity to train new drivers. The chance to pass along their skill to another generation of drivers and the responsibility for helping someone start their own career is highly rewarding. The added pay and miles are rewarding too!

Better Pay and Benefits

You become highly valuable as you gain skills and experience in trucking. Truck drivers are always in high demand, and skilled drivers are even more rare to find. Safe and experienced drivers are wanted by trucking companies everywhere. With the right amount of research, you will find a great place where you can build relationships and receive good pay and benefits. This is a huge perk of being an experienced truck driver.

Pride in your job

Trucking can sometimes be a challenging industry to be in. It tests your patience, requires skill, courage, and good sense. As you gain experience, you get the reward of knowing you have accomplished something challenging. Just the size of the rig can be intimidating, but experienced drivers start to feel the truck as an extension of themselves. Taking an 18-wheeler with a heavy load over a mountain pass, backing into shipping docks in different places, and doing it all with a badge of safety deserves applause. It’s certainly something to be proud of.


If you get in the right place, trucking is a community. It provides you with a place to meet different people and build lasting relationships. Drivers meet a lot of new people along the way including dispatchers, managers, fellow drivers, customers, and mechanics. It’s a great career for meeting new people and building great relationships.

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