Image of three white semis driving down the road.

Sharing The Road As A Truck Driver

5 Tips to make Truck Driving a Breeze!

Trucks are a large percentage of the traffic on our nations highways, interstates, and main roads each day. Trucks cross the entire nation delivering goods to our stores, restaurants, and other consumer locations. It’s hard to imagine how we would function on a day-to-day basis without our truck drivers. However, along with truck driving comes the responsibility of sharing the road with the other motorists that travel our roads each day.

The following are 5 great tips that a truck driver can keep in mind when sharing the road with other drivers. These tips will help you be an effective, courteous driver who is at a low risk of hurting themselves and other drivers on the road!

Stay in the Appropriate Lanes

The leftmost lanes are generally reserved for traffic that is moving at the most rapid speeds. When driving a truck that weighs thousands of pounds, getting up to speed can be challenging. Certain roads may also require trucks to stay in specific lanes to allow for faster traffic to pass in the leftmost lanes. Be aware of posted signs and stay in the lanes designated for the type of vehicle which you are operating.

Leave Extra Space When Traveling at High Speeds

Driving a heavy truck means that you will need to leave extra space for stopping than the average car or SUV. Leaving extra space between you and the vehicle in front of you allows extra room if you must come to a stop suddenly or unexpectedly. This can save you from rear-ending accidents, which may ultimately save the lives in the end.

Check Twice Before Changing Lanes

When you are attempting a lane change, you will want to check twice before you move over. Ensuring there are no other vehicles already occupying that lane can save you from sideswiping and taking out a smaller vehicle. Checking your blind spots twice before changing lanes is a simple way to make sure everyone is safer.

Be Courteous on Crowded Roads

When there is construction or an accident everyone may need to change lanes due to road closures or detours. You are driving a heavy truck that can be tricky to operate, however, that doesn’t mean everyone else on the road needs to accommodate to make things easier for you. Be courteous and remember that everyone has somewhere to be. Get in line and take your turn just like every other vehicle on the road.

Take the Entrance & Exit Ramps Responsibly

When you are entering the highway you want to be gaining speed. When you are exiting you want to decelerate. Taking the entrance and exit ramps at responsible speeds ensures that you are able to stop if you need to. In traffic, it is common for the entrance and exit ramps to be backed up. Take your time getting on and off the highway to ensure everyone’s safety!


These are just a few great tips to keep in mind as you begin your driving career. Essentially, just follow the golden rule and treat other drivers the same way you’d like to be treated on the road. You’ll sometimes encounter rude drivers who do not live by this rule. Just do your best to be mindful and the rest will come naturally!

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