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Military Veterans Are Made For Trucking

The Easy Transition from Military to Trucking!

Many veterans may feel lost or unsure what their next step is after serving in the military. You may be feeling pressured to find work quickly as you have a family to support and bills to pay. It can be tricky to land on a career path that allows you to use the skills you gained in the military. While it may not seem like it on the surface, the trucking industry shares a lot of similarities with the military.

Why Choose Trucking?

The trucking industry values veterans and shows this by giving back to truck drivers who have served our country. At DriveCo, we offer a variety of financial assistance options for military veterans including Post 9/11 GI Bill®, Montgomery GI Bill®, Survivors, and Dependents Educational Assistance Program, and Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts. These grants are designed to help place veterans in jobs that are vitally important to keep our economy moving.

Moreover, some military veterans may have gained valuable driving experience if they ever operated heavy military equipment while serving. This experience may allow you to use a Military Skills Driver Waiver. This waiver could help you save time and money as it allows you to skip the driving portion of the skills test meaning you would only have to pass the written part of the test in order to get your CDL. Having previous driving experience will also bring a bit of familiarity and comfort to your new career.

Consider Your Skill Set

As a veteran, you already have most of the skills you will need to be successful in the trucking industry. Truck drivers must be responsible in order to make their deliveries on time. Trucking companies value reliability and communication skills, both of which are learned in the military. Finally, being a self-starter is a must in trucking as you may be spending the majority of your time alone.

The military teaches veterans to be responsible, punctual, and meet high expectations. In the trucking industry, these skills will get you far as everything runs on a tight schedule. Just as you would once communicate with supervisors and sergeants or lieutenants, you will now be communicating with the dispatchers to stay on track.

Job Security and Competitive Pay

The trucking industry is one of the most in-demand job markets today. There is currently a truck driver shortage and the need for drivers is expected to rise as older generations of truck drivers retire. The pay and benefits are also competitive with other job industries. Trucking positions start around $40,000+ per year and some senior positions can pay much as $100,000+ annually. Depending on the trucking company, these jobs can also come with paid time off and other benefits like health insurance or a 401k retirement savings plan.

You have selflessly served our country, now it is our turn to repay you. The trucking industry offers a quality job with flexible schedules and complete benefits to ensure you and your family’s futures are secure. DriveCo CDL Learning Center can help make the transition from military to trucking easy as can be.

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