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Why Truck Driving is So Important

What Happens When America Goes 3 Days Without Truck Drivers

Imagine if all of the approximately 2.5 million hard-working men and women in the truck driving industry throughout America decided to quit or even strike for as little as 3 days. Just 3 days! That’s only part of a workweek. Would the average every-day American see it impact their lives in any way?

You bet we absolutely would.

If the strike went on for more than 3 days, say even a week or two? Would the results be even more profound as they impact our daily lives?

Yes, and the impact would be even more profound!

What Would the Impacts of a 3-Day Truck Driver Strike in America Look Like:

If truck drivers in America went on strike for even a little as 3 days, the following are some of the effects that the average American would begin to notice very quickly:

In the first 24 Hours:

  • medical supplies will become less if not completely unavailable
  • hospitals will lack the necessary supplies to care for some patients with certain conditions
  • gas stations will run low, and gas and some pumps may be out of service
  • US & other mail package deliveries will stop

In 2-3 Days:

  • food shortages in grocery stores will begin which may lead to limits on how many items you can buy at one time in an attempt to preserve supplies
  • many major retailers will run low (or out of) perishable goods like meat or dairy products
  • ATMs run low on cash and put limits on how much money can withdraw (some may cease operation completely)
  • service stations run lower on fuel or out of it in some more populous areas
  • garbage pickup lacks and people experience full trashcans and businesses have full dumpsters
  • sitting containers start piling up in port as they are idle

In 1 Week (7 Days):

  • people will quit driving cars as they have no fuel
  • people won’t be able to go to work (other industries will suffer)
  • hospitals may run out of oxygen supplies leading to patient complications or worse death

These dire situations only illustrate the first week of what America would look like without their truck drivers.

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