Image of white truck and trailer driving on highway, blurred to show motion

The Future of the Trucking Industry

The Positive Outlook of Truck Driving

The trucking industry, like many other industries, will likely go through an overhaul in the coming years. The advancement of technology and the increase in online retail businesses translates into the need for growth in developing a skilled, trucking workforce. The following are some of the highlights reported for the trucking industry:

Increases in Driver Compensation

In a March 2018 report released by the American Trucking Association, survey findings determined that pay for truck drivers was on the rise. They attributed this to the lack of qualified drivers and an increase in the number of routes available. The report also cites that drivers were receiving signing bonuses and great benefits packages.

More Opportunities to Earn

The increase in the number of goods being shipped by trucks translates into more and better earning opportunities for the drivers. The American Trucking Association is predicting a significant increase in the number of goods being moved by truck through 2028. This is great news for those considering a career in the trucking industry. Estimates also suggest that a large number of existing drivers will be retiring soon. This will leave more opportunities for younger drivers to replace them.

Reduced Average Length of Trips 

With the advancement of technology, companies are able to reduce the length of trips. This reduces the costs and creates a better quality of life for the drivers. Drivers who are on the roads for shorter lengths of time are in fewer accidents and require fewer breaks while on the road. This also means that drivers can be home more often too.

All of these factors are positive steps forward for the trucking industry. With better compensation, more opportunities to earn a living, and reduced time on the road, a career in the trucking business is a great career move. Contact us at DriveCo CDL Learning Center for more information on how you can get learn to become a qualified truck driver today.